Use the Settings page to control global settings for the installation. The settings are described in detail below.


Booking in Advance

This option can be used to limit the number of days ahead that teacher user accounts can make bookings, based on the current day when making the booking.

Example: Setting value is 3 days. If today is Monday, teachers can book rooms between now and Thursday (+ 3 days).

Maximum active bookings

This option can be uesd to limit the number of active bookings a user can have at one time. An 'Active' booking is any single booking for a user that where the date and period date start time is now or in the future.

Example: Setting value is 5. If a teacher has 4 active bookings, they can only make one more. After they have made booking #5, they can't create any more. Once their earliest active booking takes place (has passed), they can create another one.

Display Type

This option changes the focus and layout of the bookings page.

  • One day at a time: The booking page shows bookings for a single day, for all rooms and all periods. Users navigate by date.
  • One room at a time: The booking page shows bookings for a single room, for all days of the week and all periods. Users navigate by week and room.


This determines which data aspect is shown on the bookings table across the top of the grid, and the options available change depending on the Display Type option above.

User details

Use this setting to specify whether a booking's user is visible to other users on the bookings screen. Usually these will be displayed, but they can be turned off if you don't want teacher-level users to see the names of others on bookings.

Date formats

These options control how the date and time is displayed to users on the bookings page in different areas.

The values should be PHP date/time format strings (view reference)

Common formats

Format Example
l jS F Y Thursday 16th April 2020
d/m/Y 16/04/2020
jS M 16th Apr
g:i 8:30
H:i 16:45

Login Message

This section controls the message that can be displayed to users on the login page. It is useful of reminding users about things, giving special instructions, or telling them how to get support.

Maintenance Mode

When Maintenance Mode is enabled, Teacher users are prevented from viewing and making bookings, and the message will be displayed at the top of very page.

This is useful if you want to temporarily prevent changes from being made by most users.