Timetable Weeks

Use the Week Cycle page to configure the timetable weeks that occur within the academic year.

These are essential for making recurring bookings. The flexibility in defining the weeks allows multi-week timetables to run throughout the academic year; but instead of alternating in a week one/week two fashion, you define each week in the year to a specific timetable week.

When you create a recurring booking, it is assigned to a room and period for the given day on the timetable week that the date falls on.

Example: creating a booking for Period 1 in Room 1 on a Monday in "Week 1" will ensure that the booking occurs every Week 1 on a Monday at Period 1 in Room 1.

If you only operate a simple one-week timetable, a week still needs to be added. Give it a name like 'Timetable', and tick all of the weeks in the year.

Each week can have its own colours, to help differentiate them in the Bookings page. Enter the colours using their hexadecimal format, E.g. 0074d9.