Users are central to accessing classroombookings. Users are identified by a username and password combination, and all passwords are stored locally in the classroombookings database in a secure hashed format.

There are currently only two types of users: Administrator, and Teacher. Administrator users can do anything within the system. Teacher users can only create bookings for bookable rooms, up to number of days ahead as configured in the Booking in Advance setting. Teacher users to not have access to any of the management features.

Import from CSV

It is also possible to bulk import users from a CSV file using the Import users page.

The CSV file needs to be formatted with the following columns:

username, firstname, lastname, email, password

Click Create Accounts to process the CSV file. Each row in the file will be processed and a user account will be created, if possible.

If a user already exists in classroombookings with the same username, the row will be skipped and no changes will be made to the existing user.

A results page will be shown after they have been processed, displaying the success or failure status of each entry in the CSV file.