School Details

You can use the School Details section to manage global information and settings for classroombookings.

Name and Website address

Set the name of your school here, which is displayed in the header on all pages.

The Website Address isn't currently used but could be displayed in future versions.

Upload an image to be displayed on the login page. This will be automatically resized to fit the space.

Booking in Advance

Limit the number of days ahead that teacher user accounts can make bookings, based on the current day when making the booking.

Example: Setting is 3 days. If today is Monday, teachers can book rooms between now and Thursday (+ 3 days).

Display Type

This option changes the focus and layout of the bookings page.

  • One day at a time: The booking page shows bookings for a single day, for all rooms and all periods. Users navigate by date.
  • One room at a time: The booking page shows bookings for a single room, for all days of the selected week and all periods. Users navigate by week and room.

Booking columns

This determines which data is displayed across which axis of the bookings grid. The available options change depending on which Display Type is selected.

Maintenance Mode

When Maintenance Mode is enabled, Teacher users are prevented from viewing and making bookings, and the message will be displayed at the top of very page.

This is useful if you want to temporarily prevent changes from being made by most users.