Recurring bookings

Recurring bookings occur every weekday on the Timetable Week, and are coloured red in the bookings grid. These are referred to as 'Timetabled lesson' in the legend.


You can create recurring bookings using two methods:

  • Click the 'Book' link on any available period, as if you were making a single booking. Tick the 'Recurring?' box on the details page to make the new booking repeat every weekday on the chosen week.
  • Select multiple periods on the Bookings page, and click 'Make Recurring Booking'. This option is best if most of the recurring bookings will share the same details.

Create one

Click the 'Book' link on any available period.


Enter the relevant details on the next page, and check the 'Recurring?' box.

booking details

Click the Book button to create the booking.

booking details


Tick every available period you wish to create bookings for.

select periods

Enter any relevant details at the bottom of the bookings grid, and click Make Recurring Booking.

bookings created


If you create recurring bookings that happen to occur on the same dates as existing single bookings, the recurring booking takes precedence. This changes in version 2.6.0+ which includes conflict checking for every booking.