Version 2.6

What's New


  • New: Academic Years have been replaced by Sessions.
    • You can now create multiple sessions.
    • Holidays are now linked with each session.
    • Improved interface for setting Week Dates - now takes place within each Session.
    • Ability to switch Session on the Bookings page.
  • New: The Bookings page has been completely overhauled with a range of new features.
    • Multiple selection mode: allows bulk creation of either single or recurring bookings.
    • Preview mode when creating recurring bookings to view and resolve possible conflicts.
    • View detailed information by clicking on bookings.
    • Edit or Cancel individual bookings within a recurring series.
    • View reasons when bookings cannot be made (e.g. out of range, exceeded quota).
  • New: Configure the timezone in the Settings page.
  • New: Search filter on the Users page.
  • New: Improved Dashboard for Teacher users.


  • Added new colour picker for Weeks.
  • Use a default colour for new Week entries (rather than none at all).